Upcoming Classes & Workshops


Open Archery Range & Kids Archery
Aug 10 & 31, 2019; Kids Aug 10

Experience a day that will cultivate focus and fitness while challenging your archery skills! For new and experienced archers alike, this fun event will give you the opportunity to shoot and improve your skills.

Lunch Boxx
Daily Boxing Circuit Training

Spend your lunch hour getting fighting fit with Sensei James. Drop in to run through a circuit and explore punching and kicking under the watchful eye of our experienced trainer. Great for those new to boxing and those who are more experienced alike, it’s a great way to get in a quick workout.

Tribal Grooves Teacher Training
June 29, 2019

Join Master Teacher Misha and become a certified Tribal Grooves Instructor! This fun fitness based class is rooted in tribal bellydance and great for new teachers or those who want to grow their curriculum. This program will give you a whole toolbox of support for your new classes.


Healing & Wellness

Imagine your body, heart, mind and spirit refreshed, energized, or relaxed. Envision your Self healthy and happy, grounded and in balance. At Cypress Pillar Healing Arts we practice a variety of treatments to help you grow into a healthier you.


Explore the Center

Nestled in a hidden shopping center just north of downtown Sarasota, Cypress Pillar Healing Arts’ Wellness Center is an oasis of creative community. Dr. Brian, Misha, and James have poured their love and talents into creating a unique space that welcomes visitors seeking treatments, attending classes, or simply looking for a space to rest and recharge.


Learn & Discover

Our approach to healing includes nourishing both the mind and body by engaging in stimulating learning experiences. We offer a variety of unique classes and workshops to help you improve your fitness, learn new skills, or simply have fun with friends. From archery and karate to bellydance and yoga to painting and meditation, we have an experience you will enjoy that will also help you grow.


Share Our Space

At Cypress Pillar we believe in creating a community that will support artists, healers, movers, and shakers. The Wellness Center’s treatment rooms, classroom, and Phoenix and War movement rooms are all available to share for fees that fit your needs and audiences. We can help you grow!


Reserve Your Experience

Contact us to book a treatment, request a service, discover a home for your own teaching program, or to register for a class. We are open to all sorts of potential for collaboration and education, so if you have an idea please reach out to us and we will help make your dreams manifest in our beautiful space.