Your healing journey begins today.

Cypress Pillar Healing Arts is more than a Doctor’s Office, a Bellydance Studio, or a Martial Arts Dojo. It’s a creative collective of adventurous skillful souls who share their great gifts with the community. Great healing takes place here, for the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our clients. However great fun takes place here too! We are a melding of ancient traditions, modern sensibilities, and absolute quirkiness. Dragons and phoenixes chase each other down our hallways, tigers peek out from our treatment rooms, a warm green jungle greets you at our doorstep. The soft ring of finger cymbals fills the air in time to the striking of heavy bags. Whatever path you choose for your healing, at Cypress Pillar Healing Arts’ 3700+ sq foot facility you can be sure it will be a unique and one of a kind adventure unmatched in Sarasota or beyond!



  • “The Gateway” lobby with beautiful plants

  • Edible plant & medicinal herb demonstration garden

  • Examples of upcycling pallets and other found objects for use as furniture

  • One of a kind art work and murals

  • Four unique element themed treatment rooms: Wood, Fire, Water & Metal

  • The Phoenix Room movement space

  • The War Room movement space

  • An immersive classroom

  • A fully stocked kitchen with healthy drinks and snacks available for purchase

  • Free wifi and access to high speed internet

  • Misha’s “Curiosity Cabinet” with a rotating array of hand curated accessories and gifts created by local artists

  • A lending library with a variety of martial arts, bellydance, and plant books available for research and further learning

  • Temporary art displays and installations from local artists

  • Our comfortable “Crash Pad” Lounge


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