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We are extremely excited to provide a unique environment for movers, shakers, artists, teachers, healers, magic makers, wisdom seekers and sharers, and creators of all types. Spaces are available on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Prices are flexible too; while we want to support the Center we do not want a tithe to stand in the way of your dreams happening.

Treatment Rooms

Cypress Pillar Healing Arts includes four treatment rooms designed to provide healers with a private and beautiful space to practice their art. Each one is themed after a different element in Chinese medicine: Wood Green Dragon Room, Metal Gray Tiger Room, Water Blue Tortoise Room, Fire Red Phoenix Room. The rooms each have one wall painted in the color of the animal and in the proper direction for that element. Each room includes a large cabinet for you to store your materials in, one of a kind artwork depicting the room’s patron animal, a handmade shoji style screen, soft lighting options, chairs for your patients, additional decorations and storage, a beautiful lantern installation hanging light as well as a separate lantern inspired floor lamp.
We ask that healers bring their own tables, supplies, sheets, and any unique items they wish to use to make the room their own.

The Fire and Wood Elemental Rooms are available for $400 /month

The Water and Metal Elemental Rooms are available for $350 /month

Phoenix Room

The Phoenix Room is a warm and welcoming movement space that’s perfect for medium size classes. We’ve made sure the interior hardwood floors have extra padding to absorb movement from dance and tai chi, and have installed 7 foot tall mirrors so your students won’t miss a moment of their class. The overhead bluetooth speakers create an immersive sound perfect for classes and you can choose whether you’d like natural bay window light or the room’s normal overhead to shine. Users of the Phoenix Room have access to 12 Gaiam yoga mats and zafu meditation pillows. Outside of the Phoenix Room we’ve installed a cozy bench that includes storage of students’ items so your space can be free and clear of tripping hazards.  
Please note: bellydance props in the Phoenix Room are not available without permission to use.

The Phoenix Room is available for $35/hr

War Room

Don’t let the name scare you, this is our affectionate term for our largest movement space where many of our martial arts and high energy fitness classes take place. This room features fitness mats on the majority of the floor space, overhead metal beams for aerial work, and the option of heavy bags for your classes. If you don’t want the bags hanging don’t worry, we’ll make sure they’re down for your time. The War Room is a great place for larger classes and participants who want to move in an area that has an urban modern feel. It’s high open ceilings are great for programs that require height, weapons, or tossing of props. The room includes a variety of fitness equipment that can be used after a quick orientation.
Please note: Weapons in the War Room are not available for use without permission.

The War Room is available for $45/hr


We are open daily
7AM - 9PM

Our hours are flexible, and we are available to share space when you need to utilize the location. Weekdays, weekends, and evenings are all available.


Cypress Pillar’s most intimate and cozy space, the Classroom can be used for both movement and learning. Empty it will fit 1-10 comfortably for a private movement class, fully loaded with tables and chairs it will fit up to 20 for lectures, art classes, and more. The room includes a TV capable of running video, PowerPoint, slideshows, and other image based presentations. We request an additional $5 fee for table/chairs set up and breakdown if you’d like for us to do the heavy lifting and make your day hassle free.

The Classroom is available for $20/hr with a setup fee of $5 if you’d like for us to set it up

Every Room Includes:

  • Free WiFi

  • Clocks

  • Temperature Control

  • Multiple Lighting Options

  • Bluetooth Overhead Speakers

The Space Itself:

  • Visitors are greeted by The Gateway, our beautiful Lobby to welcome your students/patients/program participants. Space is available here to advertise your programs and events. Your visitors will be greeted by a gorgeous mural, hand painted by Misha, welcoming them into the space.

  • A functioning Lounge complete with plush couches and chairs, local art on display changed quarterly, and magazines and books to peruse for your visitors to enjoy while they wait or after your session.

  • Gorgeous handmade, one of a kind pieces throughout the site combine with relaxing furniture styled from local businesses to create an atmosphere of peace and comfort

  • A fully stocked kitchen including a dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator, and stove top - no more worrying about not having a way to eat food while you’re working!

  • Private parking and a quiet hidden location


Take a virtual tour of our beautiful space!